The Career and Technical Education CoLab (CTE CoLab) aims to reduce disparities in academic and career outcomes for students of color—especially students who are Black, Latinx, or Indigenous—enrolled in credit-bearing online postsecondary CTE programs.

The CTE CoLab is a collaboration led by the Urban Institute in partnership with five national organizations. Together, they convene a community of practice made up of 12 community and technical colleges to build knowledge and develop tools to address inequities for students of color in credit-bearing online CTE programs. Funding for this effort comes from ECMC Foundation.


College community of practice

The CTE CoLab coalition has selected 12 community and technical colleges to receive grant funding to support their participation in the College Community of Practice, which will run from June 2021 through April 2023. Over two years, participants will focus on scaling and enhancing equity-centered approaches to online teaching and learning in the credit-bearing CTE programs described below.


The CTE CoLab coalition is developing an evidence-informed toolbox of resources on topics related to equity and inclusion in online career and technical education. This section includes links to research, resources, videos, and news about this initiative and will be updated during the course of the project.